By James Philip


Europa Reich Book One

A decade ago, the challenge was accepted: to send a man to the Moon and to return him safely to the Earth and now a giant rocket ship designed by Wernher von Braun stands ready on the pad and the clock is counting down.


Ten years ago, nobody thought it was possible. But that was then and this is now. Mankind has chosen to sail the new sea of space, to quest after the knowledge and the dreams of the star-filled abyss, to climb the infinite ladder to the stars.


James Philip

James Philip was born in Kingsbury in London and grew up in that long-lost age when as a four-year-old he was among the last generation of young boys in England whose father could take him to stand on a nearby railway bridge, at Wealdstone so that he could peer over the smoke-blackened parapet as real steam locomotives chugged beneath….

Other Books

The Timeline Saga

17 books across three inter-related series with almost two million words to date and at least 11 more books to come. Never has an alternative history been more engaging.

Europa Reich Series

A decade ago, the challenge was accepted: to send a man to the Moon and to return him safely to the Earth….

New England Books

New York – July 1976 – in a World in which New England remains the sparkling jewel in the crown of the British Empire.

River Hall Chronicles

Things Can Only Get Better and the other two books in the River Hall Chronicles Trilogy are a satirical take on a wide range of modern social and sexual mores.

The Bomber War Series

Until the Night is the centerpiece and foundation of series of books; prequels and sequels but also several standalone ‘companion’ work under the title of ‘The Bomber War Series’. Includes the Until The Night mini-series books.

Guy Winter Mysteries

Follow the adventures of the man his fellow policemen call the ‘Mystery Man’ through the London Blitz and beyond in WWII England.

Harry Waters Series

We ask our service men and women to do remarkable and occasionally, terrible things in our names. We ask them to fight in other people’s wars, to pick up the pieces, to do things we have no right to ask them to do.

Frankie Ransom

Detective Inspector Frankie Ransom prides herself on being ‘third generation Met’ – her father was head of the old Flying Squad, her grandfather retired as deputy head of CID at Scotland Yard – but suspects the Force she loves has long since fallen out of love with her.

Strangers Bureau Series

In Interlopers we discover that not all is well within the mysterious, ultra-secretive Security Committee for Interloper Affairs. For seven decades SCIA’s work has remained a dark secret within the underbelly of French Governments throughout war and peace.

Cricketing Non-Fiction

A collection of cricket biographies and writing, some written by the author others written by James’ father and edited and republished by James Philip