River Hall Chronicles

Things Can Only Get Better and the other two books in the River Hall Chronicles Trilogy are a satirical take on a wide range of modern social and sexual mores. Enjoy…

Tom Green was once the poster boy millionaire guru of the shoot-em-up computer games world; the man who envisioned and created Drop Dead Games Inc and a legend in his own lifetime before the first techno bubble burst. RIVER HALL is the country seat of the Green family bought with a small part of the treasure he made from the sale of DDGC in the good old days.


And then, one day out of the blue he finds himself ejected from the headquarters of the company he made a household name standing on the pavement asking himself: WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED?

What just happened is complicated but not quite as complicated as the affairs of the Green clan & its response to the legal and financial black hole it suddenly finds itself teetering on the edge of; nor the choices the clan, led by Lily, Tom’s wife and the unchallenged force of nature of the whole dysfunctional tribe eventually embraces.

River Hall is Lily’s kingdom and nothing is going to take it away from her….

Troubles come in many forms…

The Greens of River Hall might have agreed amongst themselves – albeit with reservations spoken and unspoken – that the solution to their problems with Silicon Valley and the British Press may lie in becoming the ‘First Family of British Porn’ but…

Actually, in a lot of ways their problems and bizarrely, their success brings with them new and strange ‘issues’ past, over and around which they must tiptoe with ever increasing difficulty even before One of Tom Green’s disciples take it upon herself to strike a blow against the Evil Empire!

Seriously, what’s not to like about sex, traction engines, internet moguls getting their hoist by their own petards?

It is almost but not quite – well, actually, not by a long way – good clean fun!

Enjoy the swinging adventures of the River Hall clan…

Okay, now that we’re World-famous and successful what do we do next?

Well, going on tour is probably – in hindsight – not the thing to do as almost minute by minute the grown ups get, despite their best intentions, more out of control.

What was supposed to be a nice, tame, convivial little cottage industry has turned into a monster and Lily – the glittering force of nature around which the entire River Hall world spins – wants to jump off the seemingly unstoppable train of outrageous celebrity!

The only question is can the young folks save the day?

Buy this one and I’ll write some more…