The Bomber War Series

Until the Night is a novel of the Bombing War.

When in September 1943 Adam Chantrey, a 25-year old veteran of the bombing war is sent to Ansham Wolds to rebuild a shattered Lancaster squadron, Bomber Command’s greatest battle is only weeks away.

‘The Painter’ is one woman’s remembrance of the terrible days of her youth spent under the bombs of the Allied Air Forces in the final months of the war in Europe.

August – September 1940.

Squadron leader Paul Chantrey is a man under pressure but he is one of ‘the few’ who know that they and Fighter Command are all that stands between Britain and defeat.  As if commanding a front line squadron is not enough he is preoccupied with his younger brother’s ‘disgrace’.

Until The Night Mini-Series

Also available is the ‘Until the Night Series’ which breaks the book into five smaller unabridged sequential parts, each of which is available as a separate book.