Harry Waters Series

Harry’s life goal was to get into the SAS. When we meet him in 1981 he is in the process of achieving his dream. No sooner has he lived one dream than he bumps into another, Sarah, the love of his life. What could go wrong? Well, quite a lot. For example, an idiot Latin American dictator might invade the Falkland Islands within months of Harry earning the right to wear the legendary winged dagger cap badge.
Sometimes whatever you do the World conspires against you. In Heroes we find Harry fighting for his freedom, his career, against alcoholism and to preserve what is left of his nightmare-ravaged sanity. On trial for murdering his best friend, Harry stands condemned by the man who was responsible for leaving his men to die in the deserts of Iraq. And worse, damned by the testimony of the woman he loves. The trial is a public relations disaster for the Army and quickly becomes the nexus of a hysterical media feeding frenzy.
Seven years have passed since former SAS officer Harry Waters stood trial in Winchester for the murder of his best friend. He wants nothing more than to be left alone but then Harry has always understood that what you want and what you get in this world are hardly ever one and the same thing. Harry had known, sooner or later, his past was going to catch up with him. In Brothers in Arms his past returns to haunt him, and within days the cost is measured in blood and death.