TIMELINE 10/27/62 USA Series

Timeline 10/27/62 – USA to focuses on the American perspective on the post-Cuban Missiles War experience.  To tell the story through American eyes, with characters who by and large do no feature in the ‘Main’ series.

There are always other stories and other ways of telling those stories in any world an author imagines.  It was never the author’s intention to simply tell the Timeline 10/27/62 story from one perspective and in many ways the USA series has been the first major digression from the ‘core’ or ‘main’ series which is and will remain the spine of the Timeline 10/27/62 ‘verse’.

Timeline 10/27/62 – USA is set in the same alternative world as the books of the ‘Main’ series but it tells different stories of different people from very different perspectives.  Where it touches base with events in the ‘Main’ series this is to maintain the coherence of the background narrative and to place events in the USA storyline in the context of the Timeline 10/27/62 World.

The plans for the USA series include publishing a fourth instalment Ask Not Of Your Country at the end of 2016; and then a fifth book The American Dream in 2017 to coincide with the release of the tenth book in the Main series Crow on the Cradle.

Books in the TIMELINE 10/27/62 USA Series

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