Strangers Bureau Series

What if ghosts really exist? Not as specters, not as whispers in the night but as real people who simply find themselves out of their time and place – like fallen angels…
And what if our leaders have always known about the ‘interlopers’ in our midst?

Since the middle of the twentieth century it has been the most closely guarded secret of the French Republic. For no apparent reason ‘interlopers’ – people from the past have materialised, appeared, fallen to earth, nobody knows how or why – on French soil. Particularly but not exclusively on the blood-soaked soils of Flanders and Picardy.

Successive governments have attempted to put a lid on the phenomena – basically, opted for cruel bureaucratic denial involving the hunting down, imprisoning and persecution of every ‘interloper’ it comes across.

Things are coming to a head. There are too many ‘interlopers’ and the Security Committee for Interloper Affairs (SCIA) has become corrupt and begun to act as if it was a law unto itself. Something has to be done. Not to avoid a national scandal that will disgraqce the name of the Republic, it is too late for that. Something has to be done to limit the damage and wrest power from SCIA as a first step in ‘limiting the damage’.

However, like most things in the republic, nothing happens quickly or smoothly and there are always too many vested interests demanding to have their say. But things are moving too fast; the situation is not one of too many cooks wanting to put their fingers in the cake mix but of too many powerful men who ought to know better putting their hands into a meat grinder.


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