Guy Winter Mysteries

Follow the adventures of the man his fellow policemen call the ‘Mystery Man’ through the London Blitz and beyond in WWII England.

The series draws us into the complex world of Scotland Yard’s most famous detective, Chief Inspector Guy Winter; the Mystery Man. So named because no other living detective has ever solved as many mysteries as Winter of the Yard.

However, the great detective’s fame and triumphs have come at a high cost. Who needs enemies when your friends are on somebody else’s side?

The series features the hunt for a latter day Jack the Ripper at the height of the Battle of Britain and the onset of the London Blitz and a cast of characters which includes, among others: Guy Winter [The Mystery Man], Helen Chase [the Film Star turned Mata Hari], Hugo Montfort [Winston Churchill’s piratical gopher], Tubby Tyrell [the incorrigible high society fixer], my fictional version of Captain Maxwell Knight [the real life Head of Section B5(b) of MI5], Superintendent Othneil Plunkett [the Machiavellian Head of CID at Scotland Yard], Elspeth Charlton and the loyal and perceptive and dogged Sergeant George Ransom, Guy Winter’s shrewd and resourceful bagman.

I have designed the Guy Winter Mysteries Series to fit together as coherent, linked episodes. One installment will flow to the next and so on with.

Books in the Guy Winter Mysteries series:

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