Frankie Ransom Series

Meet the Met’s most awkward and beguiling detective. Love her or hate her she gets results and generally succeeds in upsetting practically everybody she encounters in the process.

We meet Detective Inspector Francesca ‘Frankie’ Ransom at a bad moment. She prides herself on being ‘third generation Met’ – her father was head of the old Flying Squad, her grandfather retired as deputy head of CID at Scotland Yard which makes her the nearest thing to ‘royalty’ in CID circles – but suspects the Force she loves has long since fallen out of love with her.

Her life has been spinning out of control for a long time and any day soon expects to be given an offer she can’t afford to refuse; a choice of any job in the Met she doesn’t really want.

Then – in ‘A Ransom for Two Roses’ – in the early hours of a cold November morning she is called to the penthouse suite of a luxury West End hotel where the naked body of a woman has been discovered. Although she doesn’t know it at the time her life is about to change forever in ways she simply couldn’t have imagined days, or even hours before.

At first she suspects, and then she discovers with horrifying clarity that she has stumbled into somebody else’s worst nightmare. Overnight she must question all her old loyalties.

What do you do when you wake up one morning and you don’t know who you can trust? Nothing in Frankie’s life has prepared her for her trial by fire and the terrifying ordeal that awaits her.

From that moment on her life will never be the same again.

Books in the Frankie Ransom series

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