Winter’s Spy

Winter’s Spy is the fifth full length Guy Winter Mystery.

It seems as if the Mystery Man’s past has finally caught up with him; that there is no escape.  Fresh from having picked up the trail of the Ripper and survived the bombing of Coventry, Guy Winter has returned to London leaving his mistress Helen Chase fighting for her life in hospital to be arrested by Special Branch.

The great detective has been sucked into a Kafkaesque nightmare in which old loyalties and friendships now haunt his every step; betrayed and accused by a seductive German spy, Vera Schalburg, he is at the mercy of his enemies and trapped in a deadly turf war between warring sections of MI5.

It is November 1940 and the Luftwaffe is systematically battering at the gate.  Every morning Londoners emerge from their shelters to greet new destruction, to dig more men, women and children out of the ruins and winter is beginning to bite hard.

At a time like this there can be no mercy for traitors and held incommunicado at Camp 020 – MI5’s top secret interrogation centre near Kew Gardens – Guy Winter is very nearly but quite, beyond hope.

Helpless to defend himself and half-convinced he may be exactly the traitor his captors say that he is, only his friends can help him.

But before they can help him they must discover where he is being held and what he has been charged with.

Sometimes a man only discovers who his real friends are when he has hit rock bottom…

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