Winter’s Nemesis

It is December 1940, the bleakest moist terrible month of the London
Blitz and Guy Winter’s trials have only just begun.

What started back in August 1940 before a single German bomb had
fallen on London as a hunt for a would be latter-day Jack the Ripper in
the streets of Whitechapel has become, by turns, a bloody trial by fire for
the Mystery man and his friends and enemies alike played out against a
murderous background of Secret Service, Abwehr and NKVD intrigue
which now threatens to undermine the embattled Government of the
nation in its darkest hour.

Now Scotland Yard’s most famous pre-war detective and his battled
circle of friends and sometime detractors must unite to hunt down the
evil men responsible for the brutal killings of so many women, who are
intent on bringing down Winston Churchill’s castle and potentially,
knocking Britain out of the war.

Suddenly the odds are life or death, stacked against the Mystery man as
never before…

Available 28th June 2018








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