The Plains of Waterloo

The Plains of Waterloo is the second full length novel in the Frankie Ransom Series.

In The Plains of Waterloo eight months have passed since the bloodbath at Harald Villas at the end of A Ransom for Two Roses. Frankie has been slowly piecing her life back together and coming to terms with her changed self.

When she visits a notorious child killer in prison at Waddon Hall Maximum Security Unit in Dorset, she believes she is testing how far she has come since that terrible winter night.

In fact, she’s unwittingly diving headlong into a maelstrom of corruption and double-dealing, judicial incompetence and indifference which have allowed a national scandal to go uninvestigated, undetected and largely unsuspected for three decades.

Chaos theory in motion – Frankie Ransom returns with a vengeance. Single mother of two on long-term gardening leave from her day job visits a child killer in prison and the world around her is never the same again. One of the oldest merchant banks in the City of London teeters on the brink of collapse, a giant pharmaceutical company lurches into the waiting hands of the asset stripers, and a twenty-five year old cold case involving the abduction and murder of a fourteen year old girl suddenly returns to haunt the rich and powerful men who’d honestly and truly believed, they could get away with murder

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