R.S. Holmes: A Biographical Sketch (Monograph Book 4)

Robert Stratten Holmes (1850-1933) was a man of many and varied parts, cricket historian, author and prodigious collector of cricketing books, he was a churchman, friend and confidante of generations of English cricketers.

‘R.S. Holmes’ the fourth monograph of the James D. Coldham Series is a long biographical sketch of Reverend Holmes, the Methodist minister who became Yorkshire Cricket’s first historian, and friend the great men of Lord’s and downtrodden of his parishes.

In editing my father’s corpus of work I sometimes get the distinct feeling that he was methodically ‘picking off’ all the great men of English cricket whose names might not be generally known to a wider public. It was as if he wanted, personally, to do something about it.

This monograph comes, I think, from that perspective and for this reason it seemed like an ideal subject for a short book (a monograph of its own).

In publishing ‘R.S. Holmes’ I am doing what my father would have done had he lived in our marvellously inter-connected age – making it available to the widest possible audience.

It is the editor’s hope that the publication of ‘R.S. Holmes’ will amuse and inform ‘cricketing history’ aficionados everywhere.

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