Book 1 of the Strangers Bureau Series is a novella introducing my new series of supernatural mysteries – The Strangers Bureau – which features veteran Sûreté detective Eleanor Gerard.

In Interlopers we discover that not all is well within the mysterious, ultra secretive Security Committee for Interloper Affairs. For seven decades SCIA’s work has remained a dark secret within the underbelly of French Governments throughout war and peace. The best kept secret of the Fifth Republic has become a bloated, corrupt monster, a rogue organ of state whose senior officers are more preoccupied with personal aggrandisement and the preservation of SCIA’s power, than any meaningful notion of service to the French state.

SCIA was created to quarantine, to hide, to render invisible a reality that no French Government has ever dared to confront. Now is the time of reckoning when sooner rather than later, that reality will become public knowledge. And when that happens, so too, will the scandal of the Security Committee for Interloper Affairs.

Acting under Presidential decree three men meet clandestinely in a villa at Compiegne to belatedly begin to contemplate the unthinkable.

Books in the series:

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