An Anthology Of Cricket Writing: Monograph 1 to 8 (Volume Book 2)

The main concept behind the James D. Coldham Series was to make my father’s cricket writing available to cricket lovers, fellow historians and researchers.

Consistent with this aim Volume 2 of ‘An Anthology of Cricket Writing’ collects together the first eight ‘monographs’ included in the 2017, first tranche of my father’s extant writings:

No. 1 – William Brockwell – His Triumph and Tragedy
No. 2 – German Cricket – A Brief History
No. 3 – Devon Cricket – Historical and Biographical Articles
No. 4 – R.S. Holmes – A Biographical Sketch
No. 5 – Collectors & Collecting
No. 6 – Early Cricket Reporters
No. 7 – Northamptonshire – Statistics, Sketches and Notes
No. 8 – Cricket & Authors – E.V. Lucas, Oscar Wilde
& Siegfried Sassoon

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