An Anthology Of Cricket Writing: Notes & Articles (Volume Book 1)

This Anthology of my father’s work is mainly comprised of articles, editor’s notes, short biographical sketches and tributes written for or during his tenure as Editor of the Journal of the Cricket Society.

Unashamedly, it is a miscellany of writings; his ‘notes’ which read like a commentary on the state of Cricket between 1970 and 1984, and a tour de force of an eclectic, ever-curious mind focused on the abiding passion of his life – the summer game.

From ‘Some Reminiscences’ recollecting his first collaborations with like-minded cricket lovers after WWII, to short obituaries of old friends, to the ‘Cockney Sportsman’, the rogue Victorian cricketing journalist Dr E.B. Averling who once scandalised the Members at Lord’s by bring Karl Marx’s daughter Eleanor to the cricket, to the Cricket Society’s work to promote the highest standards of cricket writing, my father was a cricketing ‘man for all seasons’.

In this first ‘anthology volume’ I have tried to showcase the breath of his interests, and his command of his subject.

In publishing ‘Articles and Notes’ I am doing what my father would have done had he lived in our marvellously inter-connected age – making this material available to the widest possible audience.

It is the editor’s hope that the publication of ‘Articles and Notes’ will be of assistance to researchers and fellow cricketana aficionados everywhere.

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