The Bomber War Series – Audio Book Release!

ALL eight books in this series (and sub-series) will be made available as audiobooks and in paperback format in the second half of May this year. The production of the audiobook versions of the books has been a herculean task taken on by Andrew Calverley (seven of the...

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Where is Timeline 10/27/62 going

Okay, seventeen books released so far and two more coming out soon.  When I started out I had about five or six book ideas for the series (if that was, anybody wanted to read the first couple I wrote).  No, when I put out OPERATION ANADYR and LOVE IS STRANGE I did not...

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A hatful of projects

Lately, I seem to have got pigeon-holed a bit for being the guy who writes the Timeline 10/27/62 Series.  I am not complaining but inevitably Timeline’s success tends to distract from my other projects. For example, thus far this year and thinking ahead into 2019 I...

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What are we talking about here?  Counter-factuals?  Altered realities?  Worlds that could, some might say, ought to have existed? It is a tricky business... So, let’ s go back to basics.  I am a story-teller and my medium is the novella, the novel or as has happened...

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CROW ON THE CRADLE – the 10th book in the Timeline 10/27/62 Series is released on 27th October.  It is the longest Timeline book to date but then I always saw Book Ten as marking a way point in the story/saga so there were quite a lot of themes, ideas and narrative...

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Trials and Tribulations

The Trials and Tribulations of Being an ‘Indie’ Writer and the Typo Issue Confession time; honestly and truly there are nowhere near – hardly any, actually – tribulations, and not that many trials, being a so-called ‘Indie’ writer. I am my own boss, I don’t have an...

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